The Family


Podere Giulio is located in the homonymous farm runned by the Serafini family, which, through the passion of two parents and their three young children, care for years of corporate development in respect of the territory.
Nanni, the father takes care, with dedication and perseverance, of poultry and sheep farming.
Lella, her mother, devotes her passion and wisdom to the smooth functioning of the restaurant: still very active in the kitchen.
Pierluigi, the older brother, during the day spend his energy taking care of the crops and in the evenings, during the restaurant opening time, he becomes proficient "pizza maker".
Sandro, the "middle brother", during the day, coordinates the strictly commercial part of the business and, during the evening, he turns into excellent chef "by fire": to him we owe the accurate cooking of delicious maremma's meat.
Pietro, the youngest, follow diligently the tourist part of the company, the choice of personnel and finally, he lends itself, tirelessly, to the "restaurant service" where, with watchful eyes, care about each detail.

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