Love for the land yields only goodness.....

Azienda agricola Podere Giulio is looked after by Alessandro, the eldest of the Serafini brothers who inherited knowledge and fertile land from his grandfather to produce superb oil, obviously extra-virgin.

Thanks to the position of the land, the extensively (or intensively?) cultivated farm is mainly growing melons and watermelons, fennel, artichokes, asparagus, courgettes, peppers, potatoes, garlic and onions.

On the other hand, some hectares are devoted to fodder, necessary to feed the farm animals.

Worth mentioning is the kitchen garden, covering “only” 2 hectares where the vegetables to supply the Ristoro are grown.


The animals

Cattle, horses and donkeys, all wild, enjoy the company of sheep, pigs, rabbits, hens and honking geese.

Looking after the animals is “father Giovanni”, who has a deep knowledge of the rugged but generous Maremma.

foto 727 Azienda Agricola
foto 728 Azienda Agricola
foto 729 Azienda Agricola
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